About me and services

Hi! My name is Mauro Banfi, I’m based in Italy. I’m physiotherapist and osteopath, specialized in evaluation and treatment of problems in the field of the performing arts. I have a master in clinical vocology and I support in my studio and on stage classical and pop singers, patients with vocal issues also in team with ENT specialists, speech therapists and singing teachers.

In 30 years of experience I hade the opportunity to follow a great number of artists, singers, actors and instrumentalists with different needs, backgrounds, habits and every time is a new adverture to solve problems, increase the endurance, ease the vocal emission and optimize the performance.

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The services I propose in the vocal field are:

  • Manual therapy and osteopathy of the singer-actor to optimize the vocal emission
  • Postural evaluation and treatment
  • Laryngeal manipulation and tissue mobilization and relaxation
  • Diaphragmatic treatment to improve breathing paramethers
  • Visceral osteopathy
  • Mandibular, TMJ, tongue treatment
  • Neuromuscular taping in postural and vocal field
  • ON LINE SESSION for self adjustement and exercises


In the studio or at your performance venue, such as a theater, changing room, or hotel on tour, I offer specific manual techniques to treat frequent contractures in your postural system caused by the intense work during rehearsal.


The postural coaching service evaluates your points of restriction and tension that may limit your performance. I then use manual manipulation and/or a customized postural exercise program paying attention to your vocal parameters to improve.


Is a specialized touch can optimize your performance by avoiding bad muscular interference with the movement of the larynx before the stage and ensuring an optimal cool-down after the show. This technique is also useful in case of vocal fatigue, functional dysphonia, muscular pain of the perilaryngeal system, and as a complement to logopedic treatment or after surgery.


As the actor of the air flow, your diaphragm is frequently affected by mechanical, visceral, and emotional stress. The manual osteopathic treatment can help to restore normal biomechanics and improve the quantity and quality of airflow during your performance.


Visceral osteopathy aims to restore normal biomechanic movement of all the structures related to the diaphragm and chest that may cause mobility restrictions. This is a fundamental approach for singers and actors and can also facilitate recuperation and increase endurance during performances.


The mandibular, TMJ, and tongue structures are essential for articulation and achieving a wide and optimal vocal spectral range. These structures can become damaged due to malocclusions, bruxism, or trauma, so it is essential to restore proper physiology. With proper treatment, singers will find easier to sing in correct timing and audiences will have an easier understanding the lyrics.


Applying this type of tape can provide lasting relief from muscular contractures and aid in the recuperation and overuse of perilaryngeal and postural muscles.


With the online service, you can easily share your concerns and start to solve them with a precise list of exercises tailored to your needs, even if we are far apart. You will learn how to fix the most frequent muscular contractures or restrictions, start a protocol of vocal muscular cooling down or warming up according to your necessity.