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How to teach posture for an optimal musical performance – ebook

How to teach posture for an optimal musical performance

The didactic method of postural arrangement in relation to practicing an instrument or vocal technique is difficult to manage. The difficulty is to describe anatomic concepts, and what is right or wrong in a musician’s bodily dynamics. This can lead to misunderstandings that sometimes cause the musician or singer to have a bad pattern of motricity. This text aims to clarify the most frequent mistakes in didactic rapport between teachers and students, and to provide useful information and tips to improve communication with the student.
Mauro Banfi, Physiotherapist and Osteopath, after publishing ” Singing and Posture “, a book dedicated to singers, now follows with this book, “Teaching posture for an optimal musical performance”. The text is intended to be a useful tool for teachers and students to clarify doubts and facilitate the teaching-learning process by improving skills in observational and postural analysis while always respecting each student’s specific needs.

How to teach posture for an optimal musical performance


 Singing and posture; postural and osteopathic principles for singers

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Singing and posture – Mauro Banfi

This e-book is dedicated to students and professional singers who are interested in a functional perspective on the daily practice of singing.
The content rediscovers the often forgotten micro-mobility of the body (very useful for artists) by not considering posture as a static concept.
It is not a manual of vocal technique, but rather it is a text aimed at improving “body posture for a good voice”.
It’s dedicated to teachers and students who want to explore these topics with particular attention to the most frequent problems singers have.
The book also proposes exercises and practical prevention to support artistic training.
Mauro Banfi, Osteopath and Physiotherapist, is specialised in the treatment of performing artists. His approach represents the updated result of practical experimentation, workshops, master classes for choirs, vocal groups, music schools and conservatories in over 20 years of experience.