Workshop for musicians

Ergonomy tools playig guitar

Playing instruments often causes significant strain on a musician’s body. This action can reach a level of hyper mechanical stress that is hard for the musician’s muscular skeletal system to manage.
Incorrect posture, imperfect technique, and periods of overload can perturb the correct practice of playing an instrument.
To avoid these issues, it is fundamental to keep good body control continually throughout the act of playing.
This workshop aims to uncover the most important problems in the use of a musician’s instrument. The approach is strictly biomechanical; movements and useful exercises to practice in the training of the musician, at any level, beginner or professional will be proposed.

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Usually, the program is presented over one intensive day (basic) or additional meetings up to 2-3 weekend/year, according to the need of the participants. A specific program is proposed for singers click bere for the program
For schools, it is especially recommended that there be an initial contact ( ) to select and organise the program to schedule the issues that are most important.


Using experiential movement and observing of the effects of musical practice on the instrumentalist, you will learn to treat possible overload and search for strategies to improve musical performance.

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Shoulder control playing cello
  • Osteopathy and other postural approaches in the artistic field
  • Postural observation
  • Micro-movements and biomechanical principles
  •  Posture: basics of a static and dynamic body
  •  Symmetry, asymmetry and postural harmony
  • The effect of the instrument on the body, adaptation
  • Postural chain relaxation
  • Personalised postural practice