The Atelier of Artistic Posture

The Osteopathic approach to performing arts

The artistic activity of dancers, actors, musicians and singers requires a sensitivity and ability to optimally use the body (the instrument) in the perfect art of communication to the public. 
Occasionally, perturbing factors can come into play and disrupt the performance.

In some cases, the artistic gesture will be ineffective or flawed, in others, biomechanical dysfunction and injuries can appear and stop the artistic activity.
The body of a dancer, singer or musician, must always communicate during the artistic action, even if it is sometimes overtaxed.
Osteopathic techniques, postural coaching and group workshop exercises are proposed to ease the artistic activity and avoid biomechanical dysfunction, thus allowing for artistic expression without damaging efforts.
Artistic research is a path of knowledge of body and mind.
Therefore, it is useful to include tools to pick up signals of danger and weakness in your training to better manage workouts, and in cases of problems, to act in an appropriate manner.