Singers posture and hyper control

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The voice output should be the result of a process of study during years of practice, characterised by discipline and perseverance . In optimal conditions, the voice should be natural , both from the point of view of sound quality both from the point of view of the muscular physiology.

Often, however, I analyze how singers try to change too many factors in theyr body posture. This , rather than lead to an improved implementation creates an increase of body tension and undermine its perception and the right control.

We are in the case of the hyper-control of postural system.

Each singer is a specific case, with its own tensions , characteristics and preferences of use of his anatomical structures . The vocal technique considered optimal for a student may not be equally understood and managed by others with different body patterns . Taking as a reference an hypothetical right body position to use as a basis for practice of singing , when our bodies are tructurally very different can really cause problems .

How to avoid them?

1. Obey your body characteristics . If you have a scoliosis you can never assume a neutral position ” theoretically correct “, especially in a short time .

2. Postural changes and exercises dedicated to reach the right posture should be not related to the practice of singing , especially in the first years of practice.

3. Rely on real professional of posture, too often i listen to bestiality or hypotetical miraculous cures given by so-called professionals .

4. Communicate with your teacher without fear , explain your doubts and every symptom of fatigue and pain. Often a careful analysis already in the singing lesson can remove doubts about technical errors .

5. If you are singing teachers give postural corrections in a minimum way, searching for the control of the neutral position of your student, never causing pain or discomfort. If already you do this…try to be even softer..

6. If you are a teacher with questions about anatomy and postural physiology … , try to study and collaborate with professional osteopathes, phisioterapists and so on.

7. Never believe in miracles related to the postural correction! Having a good posture does not mean you know the right way to sing. However, it’s useful to learn techniques dedicated to cure eventually postural problems .

Small steps will limit the damage and can help to improve your art !

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