Workshops for singers

contatto di taglioMauro Banfi Osteopath Physioterapist (IT)

To increase the ability to sing it is useful to analyse the biomechanics of the sound emission. Muscular tension, trauma, and errors in training can all cause bad control and the development of troubles. The workshop is intended for singers who want to increase control of their postural system to avoid incorrect postural habits in order to ease their vocal technique.

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if you sing in a choir, or you are a teacher in classes we can work with your students or collegues where you prefer. To request a workshop for your school, group, or choir, contact us  ,the program can be managed according to your specific need.
Physiology of posture and anatomic structures involved in singing practices.

During the workshop we won’t change your vocal technique, we’ll work in an essentially postural way to find new possibilities of movement and to learn the micro-limitations of the postural system of the artist. Each participant will be guided to think about their “body’s postural limitations”.

  • Postural observation and analysis of micro-movement in neutral position and singing
  • Posture, theory: static and dynamic function
  • Exercises to increase postural perception
  • Exercises to perceive body tension and the structures utilized in the action of singing
  • Finding postural dysfunction
  • Relaxation of the static muscular chain
  • Facial relaxation to solve visceral perturbation during singing
  • Personal selection of exercises to practice every day


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